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Windows 7 End of Life

Unfortunately nothing lasts forever and Windows 7 is coming to an end. Microsoft is set to stop supporting Windows 7 effective January 14, 2020. This means that Microsoft will no longer provide security updates and offer support for all PCs running Windows 7. Moving forward with Windows 10 means your computer will continue to receive the needed updates and support necessary to function properly. The benefits of Windows 10 include speed, usability, and security. Windows 10 focuses on speed right from start by cutting down on bloatware and unnecessary start up processes. Windows 10 puts a premium on functionality, bringing a simplicity to the design and user experience. Windows 10 boasts a variety of security tools such as Bitlocker for disk encryption, secure boot which has received a much needed upgrade compared to Windows 8, Windows Defender and more. We can help with the transition forward any questions please let us know we have the necessary tools to assist.

Windows 7

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