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The Stealthy Threat That is Ghostware

You might be wondering what is Ghostware and why should I want to know about it. Ghostware is a form of software that goes undetected and makes its way onto your computer usually bundled into another application or service. Ghostware can stay on your device or it can leave without a trace after it completes its mission. Ghostware essentially is a form of malicious unwanted software.

Unwanted software is often defined as programs that alter the users experience without

their consent or control. Modified browsing experience, lack of control over

downloads and installation, misleading messages and or unauthorized changes to system settings

can all happen as a result. Ways to detect if your device has been

compromised by unwanted software are ads that cannot be closed, excessive notifications

pertaining to your systems health or files, and web browser features have changes such as extensions added on.

The sources of unintended software are by bundling into other pieces of software,

downloading software from non official websites, and browser add-ons or extensions. There are a variety of ways to prevent ghostware, spyware, adware, rootkits, potentially unwanted programs, and other software that the end user does not want onto their device.

A few ways to stay secure from these threats are by using malware protection and not only making sure it stays up to date but it is scanning in real time. Stay alert to suspicious websites and e-mails prompting to download or offering free software. Make sure your operating software is current and up to date. The final recommendation that will be mentioned is to go through with a custom installation and verify what exactly you are installing onto your computer instead of using the express method and continuing thru without reading.

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