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Tech Tip On Blocking Mobile Attacks

Mobile devices are vulnerable to several types of attacks including wireless, malicious apps, phishing, and browser related attacks. Mobile devices have the option to auto join previously saved wireless networks which can be a vulnerability if it accidentally trusts a malicious network that is disguised as a trusted one. This can also lead to the malicious network receiving device information and web browsing information that is sent from the device. Malicious apps can steal information from your device or even use it to mine cryptocurrency. Apps should only be downloaded in your devices official store and should research the legitimacy of the selected app. Keep all apps updated to ensure they have the latest security parameters. Do not grant administrator privileges to apps unless you trust them and they are verified. Phishing forms on mobile devices can occur via smishing or vishing. Smishing is a form of phishing using SMS and Vishing is a form of phishing using voice calls. To avoid smishing or phishing do not trust messages that attempt to get you to provide personal information. Browser related attacks can obtain login information from web browsers, generate malicious pop ups, and more. To stay secure from browser related attacks watch out for ads that seem to good to be true, never save your login information when your using a browser, and pay attention to the website URLs you are visiting.

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